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Circular Economy

Digital data management meets EPR-Compliance at SynoptiCons: Calculate supports companies in fulfilling their EPR obligations

Digitalization confronts many companies with the sometimes new challenge of dealing with an abundance of data and managing it professionally. ... Read more
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Circular Economy

How SynoptiCons play a key role in Circular Economy across Europe

As SynoptiCons we believe that a more circular economy is key to address the environmental challenges ahead of us. Circular ... Read more
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Circular Economy

RIVER: Status quo and future of material flow in waste management

Environmental protection and resource efficiency are becoming increasingly important in today’s society. The most effective measures to achieve these goals ... Read more
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Circular Economy

Green Computing – SynoptiCons leading the way to resource-saving innovation

The challenges of global warming and the environmental impact of our daily life have changed the ways many companies design ... Read more