Accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy.

We create digital solutions to propel sustainability together with industries and consumers.

International and diverse SynoptiCons Team

The SynoptiCons story

How can modern economic activity and sustainability be reconciled? Can we create and maintain prosperity while conserving resources?

Selective measures are not very effective. We need a synoptic view to grasp the big picture and improve the system.

With this conviction, Martin founded SynoptiCons in 2019. With his international experience in the Circular Economy and digitalization, he and his team help companies to use modern technologies to accelerate the Circular Economy globally.

Our Beliefs

Shape our culture and help us grow.

Growing healthy

We believe in evolving markets where we can grow by making a significant contribution with our solutions.

We connect the Dots

We believe in our future-proof digital solutions that enable us to provide the best possible support for the key players in a modern Circular Economy.

Respecting the planet

We believe that through our behavior and work, we can have a lasting positive impact on the conservation of natural resources and on climate neutrality.

Working as one team

We believe that every individual, every opinion, every experience is important in order to achieve great things together and to make a big difference.

Growing healthy

Accelerating sustainability through digital transformation.

Evolving markets & industries


For a long time, people only talked about products and their content and little about the associated packaging. We want to take actions in a field where the regulatory pressure is currently increasing on a daily base. This gives us the chance to apply our expertise where digitization is in its relative infancy.

Significant contribution


We mainly focus on accelerating participants in the Circular Economy. We enable manufactures, producers and PROs to fulfil their obligations and take next best actions.

Our solutions @SynoptiCons


Key of our success is to build products that are designed to ease and reduce the daily burden of tracking obligations or quotas.

We connect the dots

Working closely together with our network.

Reclay Group

Respecting the planet

SynoptiCons supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Respecting the planet

193 countries of the UN General Assembly adopted on September 25, 2015 the Development Agenda 2030 with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to identify areas of action for a sustainable and better future for humanity.

The so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to the whole world to work for a more sustainable world and a better future. Our focus is on UN SDG 12.

We are pursuing an ambitious goal with this, but we are also striving to base our own sustainability strategy on it and to pay towards this big goal in small steps.

With these three strategy points:

Support customers through digital product development.

Constantly reduce company footprint (e.g.) through cloud computing.

Promote values and behaviors that contribute to UN SDGs through our internal sustainability team.

Working as one team

Diversity & Inclusion

Humans come in many forms, shapes and colors.
With courage and conviction we support each of them and grow together.


But beyond the known there is more to explore, to conquer and to learn. And there is always something to improve. Always.


Because we love what we do, we create positive energy and better results.


Responsibility towards our society and environment is key for us.


Knowledge we acquire today is our advantage tomorrow.

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