Digital solutions for a modern
Circular Economy

Managing the packaging lifecycle

Digital EPR Compliance

EPR is a key concept to create a more sustainable tomorrow
by assigning producers responsibility for the end-of-life of the products they market.

We offer digital B2B solutions for complying with EPR requirements for both key players:
Producers and Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs).

Public platform for
EPR knowledge & solutions

Practical information and solutions for EPR. Everything producers need to be EPR compliant.

Expert insights and updates regarding EPR and sustainability at large.

EPR Compliance suite
for producers

We solve individual problems with
our stadardized solutions.
Packaging management, recyclability assessment or declaration and licensing – our cloud solution provides the appropriate modules.

Producer management
system for PROs

Our platform manages a PROs key processes with simplicity, from affiliation to regulatory reporting.

We use innovative technologies to automate workflows and manual mass processes.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Peter Drucker

Management Consultant, Inventor of “Management by Objectives”

Analytics & Automation

Circular Economy requires efficiency to keep processes lean, transport distances short and material recovery at the best possible level.

We provide analytics and automation services to all kinds of businesses in the EPR and waste management industry.

Our solutions for analytics and automation offers multiple dashboards and reports

Recycling Apps

To make Circular Economy happen, consumers need to participate and contribute to closing the loop of materials.
We build mobile B2C applications to get the consumers excited about their individual contributions to sustainability.

Recycle Everywhere




Sort it Right


Our sustainable principles

Learn & grow without harming the planet

Cloud Computing

We rely on serverless cloud infrastructure to reduce resource consumption in hardware production.

We move our technology processes to the cloud for maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Green software development

Among other approaches, we support the Sustainable Web Manifesto in order to offer products and services that consume as little energy and material resources as possible, and that work at the times and places people need them most.